(as Julia Blythe) £5.99p Gracewing.
Children's fiction. An exciting and touching story about a group of girls who create their own school, with an eccentric aunt as their headmistress! There is never a dull moment as the girls face new challenges, make friendships, thwart a burglary, and end up in a dramatic rescue involving terrorism and a dashing young Army officer.....This is a traditional-style school story, but set in modern Britain and with a special flavour of its own and a cheering and positive message about growing up and the values that really matter. Ideal Christmas or birthday gift for girls aged nine and upwards.

ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED (ed) a gift book for engaged couples. £3.99p Gracewing.
This book, produced as a joint project with the Association of Catholic Women, tackles different aspects of marriage, looking at the spiritual and practical aspects of the exciting and joyful adventure that each couple begins on their

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wedding day. The book is designed to help, encourage, and support a couple in their time of preparation for marriage and in the early months and years. Attractive cover design makes it ideal as an engagement gift. Used by various churches in marriage preparation courses.

A HEART FOR EUROPE (with James Bogle) £11.99p Gracewing.
A biography of Charles, the last Emperor of Austria-Hungary and his wife the Empress Zita. With a Foreword by Archduke Otto von Habsburg, this is a moving and powerful book, with evocative descriptions of the world that vanished in 1914, much fascinating material about Austria-Hungary, and some previously unpublished material about peace attempts during the Great War. "Mr and Mrs Bogle have
done their research carefully....and include some interesting sidelines" Steven Runciman, Times Literary Supplement.

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