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FULL IN THE PANTING HEART OF ROME (download PDF 8KB) New version of Cardinal Wiseman's hymn.

THE SAFE SEX HOAX (2.50p, Available from OCU, 58 Hanover Gardens, London SE11 5TN)
A challenging critique of current policies in sex education and social planning. Published by Christian Projects, an ecumenical group bringing together Christians from the mainstream denominations to work together on areas of common concern.

Joanna Bogle co-authored a series of books on Croydon Airport (London's first airport, from where Amy Johnson flew in the 1930s, and headquarters of No.11 Group in the Battle of Britain). These books are available from: Sutton Libraries and Arts Services, London Borough of Sutton, St Nicholas Way, SUTTON Surrey SM1.

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Current Pursuits

Joanna Bogle is currently vice-chairman of The Keys, the Catholic Writers' Guild of England and Wales. This group was founded in the 1930s and has roots going back to the days of GK Chesterton and HIlaire Belloc. It meets regularly in London, runs an annual weekend conference, and sponsors an annual Award for young Catholic writers.Information from the Secretary, The Keys, 14 Ely Place London EC1

Mrs Bogle also serves on the committee of the Association of Catholic Women. This runs a wide range of events and activities, published a quarterly Journal, organises a project for children in Catholic primary schools, and is active in speaking up for the Christian view in the media. It can be reached via the Secretary at 22 Surbiton Hill Park, Surbiton KT5 8ET

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