training as a journalist, she became a freelance writer and contributed to a range of national magazines and newspapers.

As an active and committed Catholic, she began to be known as a spokesman for the Christian point of view in the media and was frequently debating controversial issues on radio and TV. She also carried out a number of lecture tours in the USA and in Australia.

She married Jamie Bogle in 1980 and the next few years were spent in Germany, where he was serving as an Army officer, notably with the Armoured Squadron in West Berlin.

Joanna's broadcasting career, which had begun with TV and radio in Britain, then developed through the British Forces Broadcasting network, which was then serving the British community in West Berlin. She also wrote extensively for various newspapers in Britain and overseas, including the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Catholic

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newspapers, and a variety of publications in America and Australia.

Back home, she joined the South London News group of newspapers and became a news reporter, feature writer, and eventually Women's Page Editor. Since 1987 she has been a freelance journalist, author, broadcaster, and lecturer, giving talks about her books to women's groups, church groups, Rotary Clubs, schools etc.

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